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Before Buying Your Tarot Deck

Before Buying Your Tarot Deck

Before buying your deck, it's important to consider factors such as the intent of use, design, symbolism, type, creator, card size, accessibility, and price. Once you have your deck, consecrating and cleansing it can help align it with your energy and ensure accuracy in readings. This can be done through grounding, clearing, communicating, transforming, connecting with divine energy, and setting intentions. Taking the time to prepare your deck can greatly enhance your tarot practice.

If you're considering buying a tarot deck, there are several factors that you should consider before making your purchase. Here are some of the most essential things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of your tarot deck.

The Intent of Use

Before purchasing your tarot deck, it's essential to determine the intent of use. Tarot can be used for various reasons, such as personal growth, spiritual insight, or even entertainment. Understanding the goal of using a tarot deck helps in selecting a deck that matches your needs.

For example, if you plan to use the deck for entertainment and fun, such as at parties, you need to choose a deck that fits the atmosphere. On the other hand, if you plan to use the deck for spiritual insight or meditation, you may want to look for decks that have a more spiritual or sacred feel to them.

The Design

There are countless tarot decks available in the market, and each deck has its unique artwork, design, and symbolism. These features play an essential role in choosing a tarot deck that resonates with you.

Some decks are more traditional and have classic symbols and illustrations, while others are more modern with abstract art and minimalistic designs. It's crucial to choose the deck that appeals to you visually, as the illustrations will help you connect with the cards' meanings.

The Symbolism

The symbolism of the tarot deck is an essential factor to consider when deciding on a deck. Each card in the deck has different meanings and symbols, and it's important to pick a deck that connects with your intuition.

Some decks come with a booklet or guidebook that explains the symbolism, while others may require an in-depth knowledge of Tarot basics and numerology. It's important to find a deck that resonates with you and has symbols that you can intuitively read and interpret.

The Type

Different types of tarot decks cater to different preferences and interests. Choosing a deck that matches your interest is important to ensure that you enjoy using it.

Some of the popular tarot decks include the Rider-Waite Tarot, Marseille Tarot, Thoth Tarot, and the Osho Zen Tarot. Each deck has its unique features and can cater to different types of readers.

The Tarot Deck Creator

When purchasing a tarot deck, it's important to research the creator of the deck. Many tarot decks are created by authors, artists, or tarot experts who have a unique perspective on Tarot.

It's essential to look into the creator's background and reputation to ensure that the deck you purchase is authentic and reliable. Understanding the creator's vision and intention behind the deck can also help you connect better with the cards.

The Card Size

The size of the tarot cards is also an important consideration. While most tarot decks come in a standard size, some decks may have smaller or larger cards.

A standard tarot deck is 2.75 x 4.75 inches, but some decks may also come in larger sizes. It's essential to consider the size of the deck, as larger cards may be more comfortable to read, but harder to handle.

The Deck's Accessibility

Accessibility is another crucial consideration when purchasing a tarot deck. Some tarot decks may have complicated symbolism and meanings that may be challenging for beginners to understand.

Choosing a deck that is accessible and comes with a guidebook or booklet can help you learn the basic interpretations and meanings of each card. It can also help you develop your intuition and understanding of the deck.

The Price

Tarot decks can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the quality, rarity, and popularity of the deck. It's essential to set a budget and choose a deck that fits your financial plan.

It's important to note that the price of the deck does not necessarily indicate its quality or authenticity. Some beginner tarot decks may also be affordable, while other expensive ones may not be suitable for a beginner reader.

By following these guidelines, you can find a tarot deck that connects with your intuition.


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