Home Tarot Exercise Two: Daily Tarot Draw
Home Tarot Exercise Two: Daily Tarot Draw

Exercise Two: Daily Tarot Draw

Exercise Two: Daily Tarot Draw

Here's an exercise that you can follow to draw a tarot card for yourself and then journaling about how it connects to your day:

  • 1. Shuffle a deck of tarot cards and focus on a question or an area of your life that you want guidance on.
  • 2. When you feel ready, draw one card from the deck and place it face up in front of you.
  • 3. Look closely at the card and notice the symbols, characters, and colors that stand out to you. Do some research about the card to deepen your understanding.
  • 4. Think about how the card might relate to your day and your current situation. Write down any thoughts, feelings, or insights that come to mind.
  • 5. Consider asking the following questions related to the card you drew:
    • a. What is the message of this card for me today?
    • b. What can I learn from this card?
    • c. What actions can I take to align myself with this card's energy?
  • 6. Spend some time journaling about your day and how it relates to the tarot card you drew. Pay attention to any synchronicities or connections you notice. Reflect on what you can take away from this exercise and how it might help you move forward.

Remember that drawing a tarot card is not about predicting the future, but rather about gaining insight and guidance in the present moment. Approach the exercise with an open mind and heart, and trust that the card you drew has a message meant just for you.


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