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Numerology In Tarot

Numerology In Tarot

To familiarize yourself with the numbers in Tarot, consider sorting your deck into cards with the same number. Examine the commonalities among these cards. You may also draw a single card from your deck and use your tarot number meanings to interpret it.

With regular practice employing tarot exercises of this nature, your grasp of tarot numerology will deepen, and you'll seamlessly interpret cards through their numbers. Best of luck on your journey!

The Significance of Ones or Aces in Tarot

In Tarot, the aces or ones signify new beginnings, opportunities, and untapped potential. Visualize the number 1 as the commencement of a journey – as things are on the verge of materializing and beckoning you to embark on a path that resonates with your calling.

These manifestations can take the form of fresh ideas, information, or opportunities. While there's no guarantee of success with what comes your way, change is imminent.

Reversed ones indicate a new beginning that fails to materialize due to obstacles. This could imply missed opportunities or suggest that you aren't currently ready for transformative changes in your life.

Understanding Twos in Tarot

In Tarot, twos symbolize partnerships, balance, and duality. Think of twos as the merging of two forces, as the Spice Girls aptly sang, "when two become one." Unlike the egocentric nature of ones, twos are more cognizant of the presence of another. As such, they represent partnerships and the quest for harmony in cooperating with others.

This union brings about choices and decisions. Twos signify two divergent paths between which you must select.

When reversed, twos suggest disharmony and an imbalance in your partnerships.

Exploring Threes in Tarot

In Tarot, threes symbolize expression, growth, and collective efforts. In numerology, threes signify completing one phase to embark on the next. Consequently, growth is achieved as you progress through requisite stages toward your ultimate goal.

Threes also evoke a sense of collaboration. Having transitioned from ones (self) to twos (partnerships), threes denote a collective or group effort. They signify teamwork and camaraderie.

When reversed, threes suggest the need to distance oneself from groups and prioritize self-nurturance. Additionally, they may indicate hurdles or stagnation hindering progress toward your goal.

Grasping Fours in Tarot

Fours in Tarot represent manifestation, stability, and foundations. In numerology, fours denote material completion, the process of manifesting your aspirations into tangible reality.

While fours signify the establishment of a solid foundation, this isn't the time to rest on your laurels. Foundation building is ongoing, requiring continuous effort to ensure stability and security.

When reversed, fours indicate a lack of grounding. This may manifest as difficulty establishing stability or a reluctance to break free from it and embark on the next phase.

Unpacking Fives in Tarot

Fives in Tarot represent conflict, change, and instability. Although fives pose challenges in tarot numerology, they are indispensable to personal growth.

When fives emerge, expect to confront challenges or stressors demanding resolution to facilitate progress. These challenges aren't meant to be feared but viewed as opportunities for growth. Through facing them, we learn valuable lessons and become stronger.

Reversed fives suggest denial or reluctance to confront these challenges. Alternatively, they may indicate the culmination of such trials, signaling the completion of necessary work to proceed to the next phase.

The Essence of Sixes in Tarot

Sixes signify harmony, cooperation, and healing in Tarot. Having navigated the challenges of fives, sixes encompass a phase necessitating healing and recuperation.

Sixes represent a sense of balance and harmony in all aspects of life, material, and spiritual realms alike. Expect a period of calm and ease. Relationships may also experience smoother sailing, with challenges ironed out and cooperation becoming more natural.

When reversed, sixes indicate an imbalance and disharmony.

Understanding Sevens in Tarot

Sevens denote reflection, assessment, and control in Tarot. They embody wisdom, growth, and understanding. Sevens help us gain insight, exploring options to facilitate focused and purposeful progress.

With sevens, a more analytical and masculine thought process emerges. It's important, however, to maintain balance between logical reasoning and intuition.

When reversed, sevens suggest an overload of options and a lack of clear focus, possibly leading to tunnel vision and a reluctance to explore alternative paths.

Decoding Eights in Tarot

Eights symbolize mastery, accomplishment, and action in Tarot. The number 8 resembles the infinity symbol, representing eternal motion and flow. Eights entail continuous effort toward attaining goals and desires—an embodiment of the work and action necessary for mastery and completion.

Reversed eights signify a lack of material success or avoidance of the required work to achieve it. They may also indicate recurring cycles that must conclude for personal growth.

Cracking the Code of Nines in Tarot

Nines exemplify attainment, fulfillment, and fruition in Tarot. These numbers reveal the rewards reaped from perseverance and hard work throughout the journey. Past actions and challenges begin to bear fruit, generating a sense of fulfillment.

When nines appear, anticipate a gratifying experience, reflecting the culmination of your efforts. Take solace in knowing that everything you have confronted and overcome has led to this moment.

When reversed, nines indicate a lack of closure or fulfillment. They may suggest the need to tie up loose ends before venturing forward. It could also imply a requirement to redefine goals in alignment with your higher purpose.

Cracking the Code of Tens in Tarot

Tens represent the end of a cycle, completion, and renewal in Tarot. Since 1 + 0 = 1, tens embody a return to the beginning—an initiation of a new cycle. They represent the transitional phase between what has been and what lies ahead.

When reversed, tens suggest the continuance of a phase without closure. It implies more work is necessary to conclude the ongoing cycle.

By assimilating this knowledge of tarot numerology, you can forge a deeper connection with your tarot deck. This, in turn, enables you to deliver more detailed and accurate readings!


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