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Home Channeled GWB Channeled Message: Being a Divine Presence

Channeled Message: Being a Divine Presence

Channeled Message: Being a Divine Presence

This is a channeled message from the Great White Brotherhood received with much love and joy just for you. Our channeler did the best to translate it into English without losing the real meaning.

Channeled Message from the Great White Brotherhood

Beloved ones, it is a great pleasure to have this opportunity to speak with you. We see all the suffering you often fall into, and this touches us inside. Yes, we can feel you and compassion and love is all that floods us in those moments. We need to explain to you that the only reason you suffer is because in those moments you forgot who you really are.

You are not merely human. You are spirits of light, of love, divine beings. We would like you to stop sabotaging yourself, thinking that you are nobody, because you are everything. Do you really think you could live outside the Source and still exist? You are one, there is no separation between you, the Source and Humanity. Honor your Divine Presence and be yourself.

Important Advice

We know that there are always people who judge, criticize and do not understand you, but remember that you do not need to lower your vibrational frequency to the same as theirs. Despite all the difficulties, you still have your natural light within yourself. Never see yourselves as insignificant beings.

This is the trap set by the unconscious beings present on Earth, but again, you do not need to fall into it. Connect to your own light, to your Divine Presence "I Am", and remain welcomed and sheltered in the divine. You are love, peace and light. Never accept anything less than that into your reality.

If you loved yourselves as much as we love you, and if you saw yourselves as we see you, you would never fall into the darkness of sadness and depression. Through this message, we flood you with love, peace, light and healing so that you remember your divine origin and "I Am" presence that is all you are - a Divine Presence.

With much love and light,

The Great White Brotherhood

Channeled by Nadia Cardoso on Thursday, April 27, 2023


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