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Home Mindfulness Living in the Present, Past, and Future

Living in the Present, Past, and Future

Living in the Present, Past, and Future

In a chaotic world like this, it´s sometimes difficult to maintain clarity and perspective. Usually, we let ourselves be carried away by illusions and expectations, which only causes us pain and suffering. For this reason, we’d like to reflect with you on what it´s like to live in the present, past and future.

First of all, we´d like to tell you about the past, as we believe that there are many distortions on this topic. Living in the past isn’t just having memories or momentary thoughts about situations that have already occurred. After all, remembering our attempts, mistakes, and their consequences, for example, allows us not to make the same mistakes again, thus reducing the possibility of suffering in the future (present moment of that time). But then, what is it like to live in the past? Living in the past is to allow negative emotions to control our actions and reactions in the present moment. These emotions were created by our mind during situations, impacting and disturbing, previously experienced. Living under these circumstances has its effects.

Past Pain, Present Reactions

As examples, we have automatic physical reactions and unfounded assumptions. In a loving relationship, the simple touch that is natural between two beings who love each other can become uncomfortable. For example, if someone has been sexually abused, whether it has been consummated or not, one unconsciously creates defensive reflexes. Imagine now, your partner moving away or withdrawing your hands when you are simply stroking them gently. The degree of force applied to the reaction is proportional to the degree of pain felt and the number of times it was repeated. That is, the greater the suffering felt in the past, the greater the intensity of the reaction in the present.

As for unfounded assumptions, we have, for example, a person who was rejected and ridiculed during their childhood and/or adolescence. In this case, what do you think happens? When a person grows with low self-esteem, without confidence in themselves and whenever someone needs time and space for themselves, they think and feel that they’re being rejected as they did in the past. We don't know if this is the case with you, but sometimes we need to be alone to maintain our peace and balance, but whoever was rejected doesn´t understand it that way. To be influenced by past experiences is to live in it, which prevents us from enjoying the present moment and being happy.

Living in the Future

Now, it's time to talk about living in the future. But what is the future? What is it for? Have you thought about that? The future is simply the result of the creation of the present time and its purpose is the perspective of longevity. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be motivated to move forward and improve. Why progress if everything ends now? It wouldn't make sense, would it? As spiritual beings that we are, we already have our missions and purposes defined before beginning each existence. The universe conspires in our favor for that to happen. Yes, our future is already defined, but we are the ones who choose the path we take until we get there. Living in the future is putting off for tomorrow, what we can do today. With this attitude we postpone our victories and our happiness, thus losing the opportunity to create a better life right now.

For example, if we postpone payment for services provided to us, we´ll end up with them canceled and with a more expensive bill. Another example is someone who wants to study for a better salary, but who postpones their enrollment in a teaching institute on a daily basis. Only the present moment exists. If we don't act now, we will never act. In life everything is a matter of choice, so make the right choice for the time you want to live.

Living in the Present Moment

Finally, let's talk about living in the present. This time is the most important of all, as it´s all that is and all that exists. Everything we want to create and/or change can only be done right now. The past has died and the future doesn´t exist. Only in the eternal now we can be, do and make it happen.

For example, if we do everything within the set deadline, we´ll be able to achieve our goals. In doing so, we´ll feel proud, fulfilled, and happy with ourselves. The present is also essential for how to confront the negative situations that occur in life and for the healing of our old wounds. Let us now imagine that a person is being verbally abused. This person has two options, to react or not to react. If they react, they know that they will provoke more reactions of this nature and end up in an unnecessary fight. But if they don't react, they know that there´s a chance of avoiding that fight. We cannot fail to tell you that the real winner isn´t who wins a fight, but who avoids it! When we live in the present time, we are aware and in complete control of our actions, reactions, and emotions. Otherwise, it´s the ego that controls us, which makes us react unconsciously, causing suffering to us and to others.

As for healing old wounds, we can tell you that living in the present is very important. In this case, we have, for example, a person who constantly listened to parents discussing during their childhood. As an adult, when they hear an argument between two people, whether they know them or not, they begin to feel disturbed and shiver. This person feels the pain and sadness that they felt in the past. But how? Through their thoughts. When we don´t stick to the facts in the present moment and, at the same time, we embellish the situation with judgments and/or past experiences, the result is pain. We can only change our thoughts, which are the cause of pain, at the present time. Furthermore, it´s only possible to change what we know. Therefore, constantly being aware of our thoughts is crucial for healing.


After analyzing the present, past and future, we conclude that the present is the only time to live, if we want to be free and happy. How can we be ourselves, with limitations created in the past or living in the tomorrow? Remember that we always have the power to choose and that now is the best time to decide and act, healing our soul and our heart. A piece of advice we give you: "Don’t hold on to the past or worry about the future. Instead, be happy, right now, in the present moment!"


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