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Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. Client-initiated Cancellation Before Reading:

   - Clients who opt to cancel a scheduled reading prior to the session shall be entitled to a partial refund amounting to 75% of the total service fee.

 - The retained 25% shall cover administrative and scheduling expenses.

2. Cancellation by Service Provider:

   - In the event of a necessary cancellation by the service provider, the client will receive a complete refund, totaling 100% of the service fee.

3. No Refunds Post-Service Delivery:

   - Following the provision of spiritual services, including but not limited to tarot, psychic, or mediumship readings, no refunds will be disbursed.

Clients engaging in our services implicitly agree to adhere to this stipulated cancellation and refund policy. We appreciate your comprehension and compliance.